Sogliano Ambiente is an environmental engineering consultant providing high added value to its customers as regards landfill management, water treatment installation and waste disposal services, energy and waste material recycling. Its core business includes:

  • installations for treatment and disposal of urban and special waste;
  • plants for waste selection and recycling materials;
  • landfilling of non-hazardous, hazardous and inert waste, with associated services, including capturing plants and biogas combustion;
  • installations for biogas recycling and co-generation plants;
  • plants for temporary waste storage;
  • installations for energy recycling and enhancement of the wet waste fraction;
  • power plants for clean energy production (photovoltaic; hydroelectric…).


For each possible case we are able to suggest the most suitable solution in order to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact associated with waste recycling and disposal, by providing services which include:- technical support to planning processes for waste treatment and disposal;

  • studying the project’s environmental impact
  • preliminary, final and executive design of the project,
  • management of authorisation processes until the required licences are granted;
  • managing relationships with authorities in charge of inspections and authorisations;
  • site engineering and test management;
  • project management and monitoring plans;
  • environmental monitoring design systems;
  • assistance and consultancy for plant management;
  • optimising existing plants;
  • studies on the project’s environmental suitability and reclaiming of the site.