Since 2002, thanks to a specialised subsidiary, Sogliano Ambiente has also been transporting urban and special waste to the plants where it will be treated. Built on purpose to integrate the waste management cycle, Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti carries in a safe and rapid way the waste product from households or factories to the site for recycling and disposal. Logistic management and handling is conducted using the company’s vehicles and facilities, suitable for the various types of waste; also – where appropriate – other specialised operators, reliable partners of Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti, may be called upon.

The waste is tracked using a state-of-the-art satellite system which identifies their location and the condition in which they are travelling at any time, for complete operators’ safety and maximum environmental protection.

Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti has a fleet which includes over 20 vehicles and about 200 containers (modular roll-off cargo beds in various sizes) for handling and logistic work associated with waste transport, providing the following highly specialised services;

  • Logistics and waste transport to and from plants for treatment, recycling and disposal;
  • Leachate transport from the relevant landfills to final treatment plants;
  • Work coordination of the waste handling phases in the plants.

The work done by Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti is certified as follows:

  • Registration according to Reg. EC/1221/09 (EMAS) for transport activities
  • Certification according to the UNI ISO 14001 standard for transport activities
  • Certification according to the UNI ISO 9001 standard for transport activities
             - Authorisation to transport waste
             - Authorisation to transport waste – Vehicle integration
             - Authorisation to transport waste – Vehicle fleet variation