Sogliano Ambiente is a company which works in complete synergy with the surrounding environment, making available its skills, know-how, and facility for local development and training new generations, with a view to representing a virtuous model for corporate social responsibility.

More specifically the company:

  • organizes guided tours for students of all ages and school years in order to promote knowledge of its installations and of the model chosen for the whole waste management cycle;
  • collaborates with Universities and Research Centres with regard to the analysis and study of environmental technologies;
  • supports university dissertations and work training to promote direct connections between education and employment;
  • it takes part in conferences to disseminate and analyse topics associated with its work;
  • it sponsors a variety of events and initiatives at local level (cultural, educational, sport, entertainment);
  • it provides continuous training for its staff with technical refresher courses and safety, health, first aid and emergency management seminars.