Sustainability also passes through digital.

The internet is one of the most polluting countries in the world, with 2% of global CO2 emissions.

Not everyone knows that digital also pollutes. Yes, it pollutes.

Internet as well as websites produce pollution by consuming a large amount of electricity and from Sogliano Ambiente, we want to ensure a more sustainable environment not only in reality, but also in the digital world. Our main goal is to enhance waste, transforming it into a real resource through sustainable disposal for the environment around us and the same principle also applies to the digital world.

Precisely for this reason, Sogliano Ambiente has preferred to develop this website following the dictates of, thus choosing to embrace a philosophy that can be good for people and for our planet.

The Sustainable Web is a digital development methodology that is committed to creating and sharing a much more sustainable and cleaner online world. In fact, the six salient points of the philosophy-manifesto are divided into:

  • Cleaning: use and supply of services powered by renewable energy;
  • Efficiency: minimal use of energy and material resources;
  • Accessibility: products and services that are always accessible with an open exchange of information;
  • Honesty: no deception or exploitation of users in their design or product content;
  • Regeneration: continuous sustenance of people and the planet;
  • Resilience: products and services provided on time and in the places where they are most needed.

By declaring our adherence to this digital sustainability manifesto, we have chosen to develop and create a website that presents well-concentrated content, targeted in the topics and clean in order to consume as little energy as possible. Furthermore, this choice allowed us to make our website even more efficient and quick at the time of loading, so much so that a small green bar with battery was installed just above the footer so that ours is shown and told. choice and participation in a digital world with low environmental impact and totally sustainable.

Discover the dictates of the Sustainable Web Manifesto and choose to make the digital world more sustainable, by producing and using electricity in a more thoughtful and conscious way. à