With its approach covering environmental, economic and social aspects associated with waste management, Sogliano Ambiente is the ideal partner to turn the problem of waste into an opportunity for growth. Thanks to the experience accrued since 1996 and to highly qualified professionals, Sogliano Ambiente offers public bodies (Cities, Provinces, Municipal Districts, Regions) and municipal companies integrated solutions for waste management and the related environmental hygiene issues, combining environmental impact reduction with a more efficient use of resources.
Materials, energy and waste are regarded as elements within a single process geared towards value production, focused primarily on respecting human beings and the surrounding environment.
The Sogliano Ambiente concept involves designing new sites for waste disposal, recycling, processing and enhancement, or upgrading existing installations in terms of production capacity, optimizing recycling processes and performances, also integrating them with the related production of clean energy.
The Ginestreto Hub is model for the waste cycle management designed and run by Sogliano Ambiente; it currently produces 30 million kWh of energy per year from waste biogas, i.e. sufficient for 25,000 households.