Sogliano Ambiente and the subsidiary company Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti believe in the importance of working ethically and responsibly in pursuit of their mission; this is why it has set a Model for Organisation, management and inspection where the principles are defined based on which relationships with their stakeholders are established (pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01).

In this respect, the main underlying values for the company include transparency, clarity, reliability and credibility.

As the compass for those working with Sogliano Ambiente and Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti, the organisation Model sets out tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken with regard to company activities within the organisation. It resulted in a code of ethics (updated on a regular basis) which lists both the principles that guide the behavior of key directives that directors, employees and consultants must observe in carrying out their duties.

Organisation model (pursuant to legislative decree 231/01) - Sogliano Ambiente
code of ethics - Sogliano Ambiente
Organisation model (pursuant to legislative decree 231/01) and code of ethics - Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti