Waste treatment with recovery of materials

Some types of waste, properly treated, can give rise to new materials and products to be used in the same or in other and different production processes, or to energy. Sogliano Ambiente deals with the treatment, recovery and disposal of non-hazardous waste, stipulating contracts with the structures operating in the public and private service that deal with waste management. Furthermore, it offers consultancy or brokerage services for transactions that it is not required to carry out directly.

The destination and treatment of the waste depends on its nature and composition. The wet / organic fraction of separate waste collection is treated in the Ginestreto dry anaerobic and aerobic stabilization plant which involves two distinct and successive phases:

  • anaerobic fermentation: in the absence of oxygen the material is degraded to obtain biogas rich in methane from which electricity is produced;
  • aerobic composting: the processed substances provide quality compost used in agriculture or, alternatively, materials suitable for the daily coverage of waste in landfills.

The dry fraction coming from the separate collection of urban and industrial waste is instead treated in the manual and automatic sorting and sorting plant for its enhancement, separating paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, wood, metals which are subsequently pressed and sent for recovery. reuse and / or recycling. The waste from the treatment (over-range) is disposed of in the adjacent landfill.

Sogliano Ambiente manages a WEEE treatment plant with material recovery, in an area close to the Ginestreto center.

In the plant, the waste is dismantled, shredded and separated the various components subsequently sent for recovery or identified as raw materials.

In addition, Sogliano Ambiente manages mobile treatment plants, even at the waste production site, for on-site pre-treatment functional to the start of disposal and final recovery.


Crushing-screening plant

Sogliano Ambiente owns an authorized mobile plant for the mechanical separation and shredding treatment of urban and special waste (R13, D13-D15). Being mobile, it can therefore be used directly at the production sites through activity campaigns. In this way it will be possible to shorten the recovery and disposal times, favoring the specific treatment necessary on site.

The maximum annual treatment potential is 125,000 tons of non-hazardous waste.



Crushing plant

Sogliano Ambiente owns an authorized mobile plant for the crushing and grinding treatment of inert waste from construction and / or demolition activities. Being mobile it can be used directly on construction sites. The system allows the separation of glass, iron, plastic, wood etc. and the recovery of materials, transforming them into secondary raw materials for construction and circulating new resources for the construction activity. In this way the processing times and the risks associated with the handling of materials are reduced.

The maximum annual treatment potential is 200,000 tons of non-hazardous waste.

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